INTASC #3 Learning Environments

The teacher works with others to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, and that encourage positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self motivation.

INTASC Standard #3 Interpretation:

It is my duty to produce an environment that fosters a sense of trust, a classroom that is unbiased and where every question is well accepted. I will need to be actively involved in collaborating with colleagues making every effort to reach learners, and provide a better understanding of the subject material. I will need to design instruction which allows for active engagement and social interaction, and aid students in developing self motivation.

Artifacts:    Classroom Procedures & Routines

Reflection on the Standard:

The photograph depicts a classroom environment that is rich in cultural awareness. This image of a  classroom acts as an inspirational tool for my own art classroom; it is decorated with visual representations of artworks from all over the world as to encourage inspiration for their own artwork.

The image is accompanied by an assignment I completed that allowed me to analyze my mentor teacher’s procedures and routines within her  art classroom; the procedures and routines vary depending on which grade level it apply’s to. In this assignment I was able to identify each procedure and routine, and think of different methods of improvement. This provided me with better understanding about the importance of procedures and routines, and how this affects the progressive flow to each lesson being taught.