INTASC #2 Learning Differences

The teacher uses understanding of individual differences and diverse cultures and communities to ensure inclusive learning environments that enable each learner to meet high standards.

INTASC Standard #2 Interpretation:

I need to create an environment that enables each student, despite their background or original dialect to reach their full potential.  My role as an instructor means that I must know and understand cultural differences and prior knowledge of each student; this information is vital to address learning differences. Finally, it is important that I am knowledgable about language development making sure to pay close attention to this as I form my lesson plans providing a classroom environment which allows each student to meet the highest of standards.

Artifacts: School Climate

Reflection on the Standard:

In My work titled School Climate, I was asked to do some research on the school I had been assigned to observe at. In this assignment I was able to make connections and educate myself with the school and gain some insight on the students attending the school. Before even stepping in the door I was familiar with the the school’s strengths and weaknesses; I was also knowledgable about the cultural backgrounds of the students. This is something I can apply to my own position as an educator; the more I know about my students and their community, the more I can adjust my teaching style to best suit their needs.