My appreciation and fascination with movies, music and every aspect of the arts, has been developing since childhood.  I find that creating artwork allows one to connect with an inner voice that may not have been heard before. I have also come to realize that there is much that education can learn from the arts; these are the things that make me an art teacher. According to the dictionary Education is defined as “ the process of learning and acquiring information”, but personally I think education is a catalyst for new ideas whether that be expressed though social change, or new innovative technology. I believe education provides the perfect breeding ground for progressive thinking, and self liberation. My job as an educator is to continue to learn from each of my students every day, and changing my philosophy of education as I gain more experience.

My classroom will be centered on the learner because of their importance, and just as the curriculum should fit the learners’ need, the environment should do this also. I wish to establish my classroom as an open environment for the learners to expand their horizon of creativity, and feel comfortable enough to express their own ideas and thoughts on the subject matter. I think it is crucial to the students progress that the classroom be managed with mutual respect and understanding, rules will need to be set at the beginning of the year with a clear understanding of them, and what consequences are going to take place.

My main focus in curriculum is to excite each child creatively using different methods of art, and reaching out to each and every student’s abilities. By incorporating visual, audible, and kinesthetic activities so every learner can have a positive learning environment. I also believe in a strong parent teacher relationship; through observations of my own I’ve come to realize that some of the most successful schools thrive because of this open line of communication.

As time passes, and as I gain more experience, portions of my philosophy may change, but my passion to impact a child’s life harnessing their creativity is unyielding.